Mustangs on me, Mustangs on three!

This is what you hear before every Saint Jeanne’s athletic event. With 70% of high school students participating in a sport, the Mustang spirit is strong. "I love participating in sports here because it's not about winning or losing; it's about the community atmosphere. With the fans cheering us on and my teammates always in sync, playing sports at Saint Jeanne's is always so much fun," said Emily Bosich, the captain of the volleyball team and a Mustang cheerleader.


Saint Jeanne's is expanding its athletics programs every season under the vision of Coach James Corbitt, the SJDLS Athletics director. Coach Corbitt coached at the Michael Jordan Flight School and was the Varsity Basketball Coach at Jordan High School in Long Beach for 18 years before joining Saint Jeanne's and diving right into the Mustang Nation spirit. "These kids have a lot of drive. The school is small right now, but they have the spirit of a large public high school."


"I try to instill work ethic and teamwork which coincides with the academics here. We have the Company of Mary logo on all of our jerseys, bringing the responsibility of living up to Saint Jeanne's tenets. Diving deeper into that, we teach that you are not alone when you are playing sports; you are working with a team towards one goal, and that has really given students determination both on and off the field," explained Coach Corbitt.


The Mustangs currently have football, cross-country, women's and men's volleyball, baseball, women's and men's basketball, swimming, soccer, golf, softball, and track and field programs.


"Athletics here at Saint Jeanne's has taught me a lot about leadership. The coaches helped me understand that as a captain, you should always be open to extending your hand to those that need support whether you are on or off the field," said Junior Ortiz, captain of the football team.